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About us

Mutual Goals Management (MGM) has been founded by Shlomi Hakim and Daniel Benamu, both of them with more than 18 years of experience in residential real estate investments and developments.

Mutual Goals has been established in Tel Aviv in 2003 by Shlomi Hakim who was sponsoring, promoting and developing real estate projects in different countries such as United-States of America, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel and started its activity in Spain in 2013.

MGM is managing more than 10 residential projects in different stages in Spain, mainly Barcelona, Madrid, Costa Brava, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Malaga and Marbella.

Three of the projects are in final stage of sales and post-sales, others are under construction process and licencing process.

MGM is fully dedicated for the project management and monitoring of all the projects that Mutual Goals is sponsoring and developing in Spain. MGM’s team consist of experienced professional in residential real estate development and sales.

MGM’s involvement is starting from the acquisitionstage and licencing, through the construction management, interior design,until final commercialisation and post-saleservices to clients.

Mutual Goals provides a full and comprehensive support by itsleading professional team pursuing the MUTUAL GOALS of its investors, partners and final clients.

Offering a Complete
Integrated Experience
We contribute value to what will be your home in a technical way. From the first phase of the project, we support the design and approach of housing.
We go beyond the simple construction of the house to offer its tenants a satisfactory arrival in Spain and what will be their new home. We try to give them all the possible facilities to achieve an optimal sociocultural adaptation.
Mutual Goals Leading Team

We are passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences
By offering a complete suite of real estate services

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower consumers with information
to make prudent decisions in their residential purchase and investment.


We sponsor and develop property transactions and investments in different states and carry out our activity in Spain since 2013. During the last 3 years we have invested and developed 10 residential projects in Spain.


We work so that our clients find a cost effective and maximum comfort both in the facilities of the home aiming to mutually achieve our customer´s expectations, need and financial budgets.

Architecture & Design

We take maximum care of the design and creation process of each building. We look for an avant-garde and aesthetic in the construction, rehabilitation, choice of flooring and materials, carpentry, finishes, facilities and so on. From keeping the original and historical structures or details from a building in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona to a fresh and innovative design for our first line to the see building in Lloret de mar, Costa Brava or inspired by the traditional and residential style of our building in Sant Cugat.


All MG projects are closely supervised in house by the management team, consisting of project managers, architects, technical architects, sales and rental coordinators, financial and commercial asset analysts, lawyers and property administrator.