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Julio Saad

Julio Saad
Julio Saad

Marketing & Sales

Julio Saad | Marketing & Sales

Director of Marketing and Sales of the group, with more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in the real estate sector in Spain.

Responsible for direct and indirect sales of projects. Graduated in Business Management and a Master in Hospitality Management.

Offering a Complete
Integrated Experience
We contribute value to what will be your home in a technical way. From the first phase of the project, we support the design and approach of housing.
We go beyond the simple construction of the house to offer its tenants a satisfactory arrival in Spain and what will be their new home. We try to give them all the possible facilities to achieve an optimal sociocultural adaptation.
Mutual Goals Leading Team

The MG team includes people with a lot of experience.
Project managers, architects, technical architects, sales/rentals coordinators
financial and commercial asset analysts.

Mutual Goals Leading Team

We are passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences
By offering a complete suite of real estate services

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